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  Proje Tarihi: 2019
  Tamamlanma Tarihi: 2019
  Yatırımcı: N/A


     + Uluslararası Yarışma Projesi

We have identified Low - Line on the two different levels. First is the Street Level, second is the Railway Level. 

We propose a Meadow of the Low Line on those two different Levels.

Railway level is one of the biggest continues flat surface of London. We propose a green infrastructure on the Low Line Railway Level to support the Biodiversity in London. This idea will reflect the vision and the sensitive approach of  London about climate change and biodiversity issues. At the street level, we propose to convert all the street level hard surfaces to the meadow around the Low Line and leave necessary hard surfaces as minimum as possible.

One of our main aims is to connect the Low Line and the Touristic Route along the Thames River. Tate Modern is the key location for this connection.  We have proposed Pedestrian Street Art Route to connect the Tate and the Low Line. We also proposed at those Art Zone of the Low Line supporting function for the Art Circulation around Tate Modern like Art Galleries, Auctions, Workshops, and Conference/Lecture Areas, Local Artist Exhibitions. The scenario is creating a Pedestrian Street Art Route which starts from Tate then through the Street Art Route and you arrive the Low Line's, Art Zone. This Loop will attach Low Line to the current touristic and daily life of London Around Tate and Thames River.

For the other Zones, Like Residential, Business, Education, and Health, we have proposed supporting functions for the current neighborhood Areas in the Low Line Arches such as Nursery, Community center, and Local Shops, Co-Working Area, Library, Small Offices, etc.

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